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Maltesers: A Teaser for Every...

Aim: Position Maltesers to consumers as the snack of choice when watching any movie or TV series. 

Insight: ‘The lighter way to enjoy chocolate’. Witty, adult humour.

Idea: ‘A teaser for every movie’, ‘A teaser for every series’.

Briefing Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Partner: Lari Smith


YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

These short Youtube Pre-roll ads would change depending on the user's search term e.g. when watching Star-Wars related content, a Star-Wars version of the ad would appear.

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These posters could be displayed through Malterser’s own social media channels like Instagram or Facebook or as printed posters at cinemas near candy bars.

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Teasing Twitter Account

Teasing Twitter Account

This Twitter account would be devoted to teasing audiences about popular TV series and movie. The hashtags #ateaserforeveryseries and #ateaserforeverymovie would be used to link the campaign and to track audience participation. 

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