Who am I?

Digital Content Creative and Art Director

‘Really? Now? Must I look again?’

Yes, all my life I’ve been relentless in finding an audience for my latest discovery or creation. In the past few years (to the relief of all concerned) I have channelled my kaleidoscope of obsessions into studying advertising and working as a pizza-maker, strategist, creative sidekick, pop culture advisor, digital marketing intern and science communicator.

In my freer time, I can usually be found overanalysing Marvel movies with friends, creating unusual food combinations, drawing stuff and playing with – sorry, learning – new technology.

So, where has all of this led me? To becoming an Art Director with a focus on digital and content creation, of course.

And what have I learned after a lifetime of annoying family and friends? I’m really quite good at getting people’s attention. 

Can I show you my folio?

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